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Newton’s Third Law Requires Forces to Occur in Oppositive Pairs

Newton’s third law is a sleeping tiger, with surprising implications when awakened and explored. For example, it rigorously requires that forces (including EM forces) must occur in oppositive pairs, This alone falsifies the CEM notion that oscillating “singular-forceelectric and magnetic waves appear in either a material ether or physical matter. At least two waves must exist, the wave and its oppositive or antiwave. Further, the wave and antiwave must be intimately coupled. Heretofore the antiwave has simply been ignored, or when anyone pointed out that it was present in our detectors, it was just considered to be “Newton’s third law reaction wave.” “Newton’s third law” was just mysteriously invoked, as if it had no causative mechanism. Yet in quantum field theory the cause of all forces is the absorption or emission of virtual particles. The cause of all mechanical and electromagnetic forces is the absorption or emission of virtual photons. So Newton’s third law for mechanical and electromagnetic reactions must also be due to the exchange of virtual photons. In other words, there was an extra half of the “something” in the vacuum that interacted with our detectors and gave us the “free electron gas’s transverse precession waves. That “extra half’ was exactly equal and opposite, and interacted in the atomic nuclei of the conductors and the mass of the instrument to give a set of physical Newtonian recoils. That half is equal and opposite to the half we actually recognized. The point is, equal and opposite forces actually interacted with our instrument. Thus a stress wave interacted with it, not a unitary oscillating wave.

What occurs in vacuum must be a stress wave, not a unitary force field wave. In short, as stated (but not elaborated) by Feynman, it is a potential wave, or an oscillation in the potential gradients and magnitudes, not the force fields. Since in modern theory force is an effect and not a cause, we interpret and extend Newton’s third law to state that the causes of all forces must occur in oppositive pairs also. Thus the cause of an EM force field must be the interaction of two scalar potentials _ just as Whittaker’s 1904 paper proves.

In quantum field theory any mechanical or EM force is caused on a mass by absorption and emission of virtual photons. Accordingly, let us examine the smallest possible EM or mechanical “force” _ that one caused by the absorption of a single virtual photon. Newton’s third law requires that two photons (the causes) must occur, not one. Further, in all cases, the one must be the exact antiparallel to the other. The only thing always meeting that condition for a photon is its exact antiphoton _ its time-reversed, phase conjugate replica twin. But a phase conjugate replica photon must also superpose spatially with its parent photon _ that’s what phase conjugate replicas normally do, according to the distortion correction theorem of nonlinear phase conjugate optics. Thus instead of the conventional “single photon” interaction, the actual vacuum entity engaged in the interaction with an atom is a coupled photon/antiphoton pair. A coupled photon/antiphoton pair has spin-2, hence is a graviton.

(Tom Bearden, 1993)

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This is clearely explained. Also Bioresonance gets answers from The Global Scaling Theory.

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