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string theory -> membrane theory and Paralel Universes – Unified Field Theory

Science and demonstrative Mathematics

– string theory -> membrane theory and Paralel Universes – Unified Field Theory

– big bang was the result of coliding of two branes. in less that 1h our universe was formed – as I thougst, at high speeds, you do a lot of things in a short time 🙂

– gravitrons can travel between dimensions, what about electromagnetic waves (the radio signal we have sent and that appeared in a cropcircle form)?

– aliens are in another dimension. there were occasional encounters with observed different time flow. they communicate through cropcircle (that appeared on buildings and snow too) – as demonstrated, the ones that live in an universe with more dimensions are capable of doing more things. our universe has 10 dimensions (“most of them microscopically small”)+time. there are ‘paralel’ universes that could be as near as occupying the same space, without seeing eachother – no wonder, as we can see only 4 of the 10 dimension.

– the universe is a simphony and the laws of physics are harmony.

– pure speculation: 911 was a consequence of some weird happenings – that`s to explain the huge amounts of coincidences in the world ov numbers regarding 911

. + some guy says that any event has like a premonition as an increase in electrical tension; the guy was a statistician at national energy agency of US and during 911 evend observed a notable increase in electrical tension. I only assume ppl were more agitated like dogs when is an earthquake. .

– time flows different in different places in the universe. The cosmonauts traveling at high speeds traveld into the future. See tre restraint relativity theory. The light goes at full speed no matter the speed or the direction of the observer, thus, thae time is the one that changes. The faster you go, the sloest the time will flow – that mean you ‘go into the future’ of the ‘more fixed’ system to that you relate.

A satellite orbiting at 20.000MPH experience a 1/100.000sec delay to the time measured at the surface.

Science / Speculative hypotesis have some interesting ideas of using resonance for some kind of ‘teleportation’.

– hypotesys: earth is hollow

– hypotesys: earth is expanding

No comment, I preffer the solid Earth. For me it is enough it spins.

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