Posts Tagged With: the zodiacal ages. Is called precession because the constelations goes in reverse order


– we are seeded by some anunaki (those who came from heaven to earth) to harvest minerals on earth – most plausible (as the fallen ones would be those ‘angels’ who mate with earthlings)


– we are the heirs of some martians (little gray or huge gray – the huge ones could be their offsprings withg earthlings)


– we mistified all the astrology that sometimes (very long ago) matter, as cosmic events had the most impact on civilizations (human wars are just storm in a galss of water)


– the old pop that The Church is always saying that loves us and gave His son to die to pay for our sins will eventually come and fry us for being such laisy asses and not working for ascension; and all those that believe in astrology will burn in hell.


– god is beyound all of this, ho’oponopono (the ascend) and the mathematically prouved unified field theory are true, and no matter how complex our universe is and how the new world order will do it`s intrigues with aliens, the ultimate goal is to ascend

In the end, maybe Jesus is the ‘sun of God’, but how did He know all that sumerian story and all the inherited astrological sciense to found and sustain The Church? and how did the others profets with identical stories? Would someone die just for fun? would all those saviors claim they are ‘son of god’ saying identical lines and being crucified for that? probably not – the reality is probably a vibration of the unified field, precisely His Creation, as always stated in all books, that like any other vibration, is repetitive and resonant, among other characteristics.

Apparently this repetitive historical-religious pattern has something to do with the precession of the equinoxes, the great year, that changes every 2150yrs, the zodiacal ages. Is called precession because the constelations goes in reverse order, after pisces comes aquarius. Question: why is Earth so important that we have all rapported to local astrology? I thought anouki seeded us here. The Bible covers three ages and the apocalypse the fourth, the washer. biblia trece prin trei ere si apocalipsa zice de a patra, varsatorul.

As the thinking goes on, it must be the hipothesys that we are the heirs of an ancient civilisation, seeded or not, much older than the four ages enumerated in the Bible. Plus the existance of the much older artefacts, like the 30.000yrs metal box, or the spacesuit boot footprint in the rock, the perfect carved steel balls. The quartz skull is less older.

– It`s a wide world out there and the subject seems so interesting, that some of the guys talking about are certainly psychiatricaly affected, as Phil Schneider is. For more technical, medical, details feel free to contact.

– Other seems to have developed more complex delusional manifestations like this guy pretending that is a savior of the planet that actually will extract all population before the disaster. I wonder how much for a trip with his ship and his blond curly wife? What the heck he`s got the idea that ETs are blonds?! Possibly from same place where I`ve got the ideea thay`re green 😀 And the issue goes back long ago, as ‘Ashtar Command’ appeared in 1950s – the main weakness I find them is that they are elitists. But why am I bothering?…

– I cannot pass thtru without noticing that every story, including that told of Bill Schneider, and the sumerian legend of Nibiru, and the vaccine hoax, and all other conspirational stories, have a lot in common with printed books and hollywood productions, not only the ones that appeared like mushrooms after the rain, but with the classic ones too. I wonder how did Jules Verne get his inspiration.

The Nibiru story seems so like the ‘Falling of the Night’ of Asimov. Those authors may captured those ideas, may dig them out and completed them from imagination or like the kuna and Unified Field theory says, we – the colectivity, created this world as it is now and in the future.

This quote in my opinion explains everything: “It should be remembered that a spark produces a very sharply rising voltage pulse and that unbalances the local quantum energy field, (..) producing very large energy flows as the local environment returns to its balanced steady-state.”(Hermann Plauston’) for details review Herman`s patents and Tom Bearden explanation of ‘zero-point-energy’.

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