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Religious mistifications and Manipulations

Religious mistifications and Manipulations

– the sun of god in zeitgeist – it`s all about astrology, the sun on the crux is a pagan simbol, not crestianist. after the age of pisces=jesus, comes the age of aquarius=maybe some other new age profet.

– unified religion: life of jesus, the flood – all the quoted words from scriptures are present from the agiptians and Gilgames toward our days.

– Bible would be an astrologic-theologic hybrid as all other religions. That means we vainly try to prouve Jesus was unique, although he could not do all that he did being a human as we were told He was – would that mean that He was an idea? I think this is what the movie intend to prouve naming Him ‘sun of god’ and the astrological explanation of His words. A mith is a mobilizing and orienting story for the people. Thos who know the truth use the miths in manipulating the otrhers. That`s partially why they hide important stuff from the world. The vatican is into this, as the crestianism would be a roman creation based on Niseea Convent. Is the Orthodox church part of the deal? Why isn`t Ortodox Church on the same route with Vatican? Had they opposed the use of the scam for worldlish purposes?

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