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Mondial Ocultism /Masonry /Historical Scams

that`s how far they would go – where they names the US government under the patronage of New World Order

– Plese remember I don`t say it is exactly like this, but you don`t get smoke without fire. It is a thing to consider.

Study first and then think for yourselves!

– I will not discuss whether New World Order is an effective organisation or not, as president Bush himself declared ‘we need a New World Order’. There is a saying that states ‘the man is known trough his actions’.

– during the World War II, the passenger ship that was send with american passengers into the war zone to be sunk by the german submarines to give America a reason to enter the war

– the federal rezerve fraud:

– the “income tax” fraud – there is no law that would allow this tax, it is illegal and abusive.”do not pay it, they cannot pursue you, they cannot even answer you what law is based upon, because there is no succh law!”

– the gold gathering worldwide

– the twin towers LIVE demolition (see the molten hot metal in the basement and the demolition oblical cuts of the steel columns that indicates the use of Thermate – a patented thermite used in demolition industry Zeitgeist– WTC@ Acting like they do, they say you are stupid. Are you?

– the lack of bodies and plane debris speciffic to a plane crash in pentagon and Shanksville, the impossible angle that the plane supposedly hit the building to produce that damage, the steam trail at the back of the object that hit pentagon, the poor grades that the incriminated pilot had in flying school, the confiscated videotapes from the hotel nearby. there is no way that the fuel would “vaporize the entire plane” made from steel, aluminium an TITANIUM – fuel burn at 500Fahrenheit, termite would burn at 1093°C=2000F, steel melts at 1426°C=2600F, titanium melts at 1668°C=3034F andvaporize at 2600°C=4712Fthere is no way the engines would “vaporize” (maybe the green recuperators got them before FBI)

– the bohemian club formed by the american presidencial families (only male) worship a huge stone howl and ‘sacrifice’ a human statue. This is not actually a crime, as long as a statue is not a live human, but still.. it`s not normal – I wouldn`t leave my kids at Bush`s… This has to do with the masonry simbols and numerology on the dollar bill. The Bildenberg group is supposed to be the american foloup of the nazis, a bunch of financial moguls. The masonry numbers include 3,7,11,13 and multiples, 32, the pentagram and hexagram. Horu`s eye (supposed to represent god Osiris) is also a masonry simbol. Masonry comes from ancient Rome and knew the secret of the sumerians from the egiptians. They are the Illuminati, 13 families that run across 13 generations, since 1776=MDCLXXVI roman numbers in base 6, speciffic to babilonians (600=1000, 60=100,6=10) I try to analize Israel`s history considering the hypothesis of their alliance with the ‘reptilians’– if these ‘reptilians’ are actually the anunaki from Nibiru and they did not came in the meantime from elsewhere. Bush`s name unfortunately is reduced to ‘6’ in all numerological systems (you can study this if you`re interested, I don`t care, I liked his father better :P). 6 appears in every important date in his life and career, in Windows logo and God knows where else. The same as 911 appears very, very creepy. Probably it`s only the american`s paranoia, but even in vodafone?! (one in logo and 2 in the name vOdafOne – check for yourself on google images)

I quote an text that I got over email, didn`t check because I don`t like numbers:

“1) New York City has 11 chars.
2) Afghanistanhas 11 signs.
3) Ramsin Yuseb (was the ‘terorist that announced the ‘attack’ back in 1993) also has 11 signs.
4) George W Bushis… 11 signs. This might be a coincidence, but from now on, the things are even more interesting.
1) New Yorkis the US state No. 11.

2) The first plane was No. 11.
3) This plane has 92 passangers abord. 9 +2 = 11 (like this the ‘numerologists’ are ‘calculating’)
4) Flight No.77 was the second plane and had 65 passangers. 6+5 = 11
5) Tragedia a avut loc in data 11 Septembrie, mai bine zis: 9/11. 9+1+1=11
6) The day and month of the tragedy are no longer a secret for 99,99% ofppl. As is the Emergency service No in America:  911. 9+1+1=11.

Ya… a mere coincidence… Really??? Let`s see…
1) The declared No of casulaties in all the planes: 254. 2+5+4= 11.
2) 11 September is the 254th day of the year: 2+5+4=11.
3) The deflagrations in Madrid took place in 3/11/2004. 3+1+1+2+4= 11.
4) The tragedy in Madrid was after exactley 911 days after the WTC in America 9+1+1=11….
You probably don`t believe in the existance of antichrist (another invention)But this thing is even more strange: One of the wellknown simbols of America after the stars and stripes is the Eagle.  
The next line if from Quran, the holly book of islam: “Is written that the son of Arabia will awake a terrible Eagle. The power of the Eagle will be felt in all Allah`s land and while some will tremble in desperation, others will be glad: because the power of the Eagle will clean the land of Allah and will bring peace among the muslims.”
This is the line 9.11 from Quran (you don`t know what Quran is? Serch with google! :P).
Still it`s not enough?!
Try this:
Open Microsoft Word and:
1. Write Q33 NY . This was the first plane that hit the towers.
2. Change size to 48.
4. Change the font to WINGDINGS.

Looks like this:

Any comments?!?!!? “ this was the e-mail)

>a couple of months before the 911tragedy at WTC, the owner insured the two buildingsspeciffically in casez of therorist attack (this wasn`t in the precedent contract) and after his ‘lucky premonition’ he got an insurance of 12,3 biliard USD=$12.300.000.000 (NY Times) No comment.

You may like the “Controlling_Dissent”, clip, specially if you are an american feeling revolutionary,it has a more general view of the situation there, and they do not look stupid; personaly I do not agree with their ideas but it`s their country and if their beliefs are true, they do the only right thing.

– the Iraki war: they suplied the chemical and bio weapons to them then they distoied them saying “to not let them get hand on it again” in fact to destroy evidence US supliedthose prohibited weapons. They vaccinated aleggedly for anthrax trir own soldiers and a lot of them died of ‘gulf sindrome’ – that was not a psychic disorder as I`ve heard. All this to justify their aggressive actions.

– weather clandestine modifications, artificially hurricane that produces damages that produces money. The chemtrais are chemical particles that methodically dispersed in the atmosphere, are screening the sun modifying weather. There are supposition that accondingly with the goal of reducing globe population with 2/3, that other chemicals could be dispersed for this. And I wondered why the americans want so badly an aerial base in Romania…

– the supress the requested holocaust proofs, the same with the WTC

– HIV and cancer vacines hoax – see the documentaries of Morrowitz. “In lies we trust” is really hot.

It was sayd that the discover of free, endless energy will change everything.

I didn`t truly belive all this is scams pulled out by till I found the Surge motor and the Bedini studies of Casimir effect. If there is free energy, then all the scams become real. Because in this conditions, all the actions of the world leaders make sense only if they were scams.

Honestly, since 1986 I hoped they will disclose by now.. something, thus gaining some credibility. But apparently they are so involved in their niggardly interests that they lost the big picture. They are so powerful that the big picture doesn`t matter anymore. Who needs credibility ?!

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