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Our spiritual neighbours – the exorcism

Our spiritual neighboursthe exorcism

– I learnt that there are a couple of spiritual beings that live among us – they posess our bodies and we often have to exorcize them. They are individuals, have names, are type of male and female (I have no idea how/if that matters; females usually have this sign: Imi)

– they are two kinds, devils and djins, sumerian called them utukku, that were dispatched to the surface from Ki Gal (the hell inside our planet). They look exactly as I thought anunaky were carved in stone.(or maybe that user was wrong) Isaw 2 different aspects, one with human and one with eagle face.

– they are afraid of the name of God, Being that name Allah or Jesus, aparently is the meaning that matters.

– they are very afraid of holly water/oil

– they are inteligent and have feelings, they have families and family violence – the can kill each other

– they are optional parasites as they do posess our bodies for their own fun and satisfaction

they are here with us, sharing our lives. They do not necessarily come from another paralel world or sth, as they have been here long-long time ago. They might be software parasites, our own erroneous creations, but they are always refered as another being. And the exorcism actually removes them from the host, and they do not reapear. The host life is afterwords a healthy one, as before the posession..

the worst in my opinion is that we could have one of those djins and not know it because as being different beings, they might not manifest so bad – i.e. we might just have ‘acceptable’ bad habbits.

– maybe they are hiding in the host – just a supposition, as that devil was afraid that her family would kill her (or she lied).

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Aliens hypothesis

This text takes in consideration only things that might have a connection with the change of ages

Aliens hypothesis

this cropcircles warn us: “do not trust the bearer of the present – much pain, but there is still time – there is still good out there”. I see this warning as a good thing, saying that all will pass, looks peaceful, but some people think it is a scam. (Nibiru and age changing, the reversing of Earth`s poles, the new calendar – although I though the mayan calendar was on 10.000 years, meaning 3-4 ages/zodi si nu zice nicaieri ca s-ar schimba calendarul ci doar ca se opreste; we will see, or not)

– the flood will be more than 50m(about 300-400m). will cover all Europe and 60% of Africa. That is why the New World Order wants population control. Because they know they will be too many. America will be 70% submerged.

– cropcircles: they are human, they answered back

– cropcircles: mayan calendar England2004

– the generic Jesus from Nibiru, the grays, implants, genetic manipulation and gold mining. That`s why the jews are gathering all the gold and diamonds, tu buy Earth from anunaki – see the federal rezerve fraud

– reptilian shapeshifters – not only Bush, but apparently a lot of normal ppl, like reporters. Could that be true? Of course. They were 900.

– UFO DIY: Ralph Ring tells how he flew with the craft made by Tesla`s disciple Otis T. Carr [ ya, ya..]

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Ancient civilisations & relics

– one of the 13 cristal skulls, perfectly crafted from a single piece of quartz, keep all the cristal electromagnetic properties.coming probably from Atlantis, were dispersed across maya theritory during the spanish conquer – to study – has sth holografic. I sugest it might be an optic hdd but.. I`m dreaming.

– I`m wondering why the panacas of incas had difformed skuls. I thought they would do that to mimic their ancestors. And maybe I`m not wrong, after all, there may have been more than one type of anunaki. But: if humans are genetically engeniered as the sumerian story say, the anunakis must NOT have been human. Something is wrong about our humanoid form. If this biped form is such a successful form, Consequently, the cristal skul, wich is so less probable to be made by humans in such a perfect form, the normal skulls have usually a couple of imperfections (it`s sayd to take a year with our present laser technology) must be an homage to the new creation, the rightful heir ofEarth, the son of Gods. Or may simply be a medium to transmit some informations, like a storing device.

– to study – there were 4 civilisations: liluri, mu, mieon, thrax

– the guardians of the knoledge were succedingly: almecs, mayas, aztecs and probably the last were the incas

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Nibiru crossing, maybe a Nibiru eclipse

Nibiru crossing, maybe a Nibiru eclipse

O ipoteza a mea e ca omuletii gri au fost tot timpul pazitorii nostri si au vegheat mai mult sau mai putin sa nu ne dam singuri foc, avand insa o alta agenda, sa ne faca mai ‘destepti’ – vezi inflorirea peste noapte a teoriilor rezonantelor, corzi, branes si unified field. Poate ca asa se explica rapirile implanturile – modificare din mers, pregatire pentru noile informatii. Probabil ca nu au luat contact cu US government ci isi vad de treaba lor. Ar putea fi roboti, desi unele mesaje din cropcircles sunt cu ochi mari, altele normale. Cu siguranta sunt mai multe feluri de straini, fie ei roboti sau fiinte vii.

– Horu`s eye, ochiul in piramida se pare ca nu e ochiul lui Dumnezeu (sau depinde cine e Dumnezeul acelora care il folosesc),666, coarnele,steaua lui david care are 6 vf, 6puncte si inca ceva, X care vine de la intersectarea planetelor, semnul Imi care e salutul rockerilor, se pare ca e tot al incornoratului,aripile – tot asa (daca stau si ma gandesc, oamenii nu prea au vazut ingeri buni. Nu e clar daca aripile sunt doar un simbol al zborului, al anunaki sau daca pur si simplu sunt zburatoare – eu am un feeling ca sunt pasari de prada, acvile – prea apare peste tot acvila ca semn al puterii (CIA, Roma antica). Lupul dacic era semn al iluminatilor, al inteleptilor, desi era tot animal de prada.

– 666, flying disks and phoeonix relates with fire and the evil. The Nibiru crossing could be a bad thing, not only by its gravitational field, but also for its inhabitants – but this is only a supposition, probably a wrong one, as the sumerians were tought sciense and astrology by the angels.

– Nibiru has a tremenduous influence on Earth, that`s why astrology and numbers are so important for us. The 7,12 and 666 numerology is esencial, as it sum up to Nibiru`s orbital characteristics. The 666 has to do with the flames and evil and hell. And Phoeonix – as the earth surely revives. As Nemesis approaches its farthest point from the sun the rotation has come to a complete halt and the star tilts. The rotation of the star is resumed again,in the opposite direction, but as the star is now inverted the rotational direction will seem to be the same. The Earth can’t simply reverse poles and be done with it; it has to adjust its rotational direction too. In doing that,Earth has to slow down its rotational speed to a halt before it can start rotating in the other direction. Now we can more easily comprehend the reported effect of a “fixed sun in the heaven” and “a night that will not end”.

Why in all this imense universe, we had to be on a sistem with such a bad neibhour, the wondering Nibiru?!

Nephilins = At least 3 giant skeletons were found, said in India, 15-30feet tall. One was named Bhima`s son Gadotkach. A 47inch long human femur was found in Turkey, giants – huge people (1-1,5m skull diameter, 5-10m height) found in India.

It is possible that some wiseguy of anunaki wants to take over the Earth, to take out females and to be ruler of Earth – they are simple ppl after all…

Anunaki seems to be reptiliens; humans were not allowed to describe their true shape – that`s why they are always stilised. When they left, their king Anu (the ‘heavenly’ because anu=from heaven and naki=to earth) left 300 on the orbita or Mars and 600 on the ground. Zecharia Sitchin says in his translation of the sumerian tablets in 2007 that they were 600 miners and 300 pilots.

The ancient sumerian basoreliefs show winged men with black curly hair and ‘earrings’. They were always wearing something on their head. Some of them have some pots, and something like a cross in it. They appear to pulverize or inseminate from those pots using a rubber pear. The complete scene appears to be an offering, one of them brings an ostrich to some shrine that have a guy in a winged disk above. At the wrist they wear.. watches. The female angels came from india with 2 howls and 2 lions aside and has only three toe fingers. I also saw a devil tail winged lion with a tarabostes head (those with black curly hair)

I saw a man fighting a winged lizzard. And a man holding down two lizard head lions above two human head lions. And a man having a shepperd anse giving a sheep to a biped lion – no coments.

Some winged guy is teaching some earthling to fish. And at their feet is an.. inorog. The sumerians had a great respect for details.

An ephigy shows a woman embrasing an eagle between two roses and at the bottom face to face an archer on the left and a worker on the right. It appears to be roman, as the sumerian didn`t have roses, but they did have oaks.

Some god, Asshal appears in a winged circle, once with a ring, and once shutting fire arrows.

There are a couple of long skull, oblique big eyes, lizzard like humanoid clay statues, wearing what appears to be an armour or scales, some of them.are female mammels.

– Nibiru has wings – probably the debris that it gathers and caries on after. I have the impression Nibiru`s orbital speed is much more greater than Earth`s, and though the time on Nibiru is dilated – they live longer.

– hypothesys: when Nibiru pases near Eart`s trajectory, it gives it a bump so it not only reverse poles, etc, but it moves faster on the solar orbit, determining a dilated time for eartlings, the elder of the Old Testament lived upto 900yrs. In time, Earth is slowing down so the time is contracting, the 24h in 1980 passes now in 16h.

– The epic of anunakis, a collection of essays based upon Zecharia Sitchin translation of the sumerian plates.

– the caduceus, the two serpents on a winged stick is simbol of scientist prince Enki, the sun of king Anu, the one that is responsible for colonising and taming the life on Earth, the one that made man ang gave him plants and knoledge to cultivate them. It is also the simbol of nowadays medicine. In my opinion, it simbolize the taming, the control of sciense over the forces of nature. It might have been only one, why does it have to be two? Because the way of taming was genetic, modifying the DNA. Still, if they were reptilians this does not fits, as the symbolistic should be universal, or at least common to men and anunakis. Probably they were more winged than reptilians, but I think they might be human. The caduceus connects with Hermes and Poseidon.

– the goat elements are very present, the anunaki seems to have long ears/horns and tails. Somehow we associate this with devil.

– the winged discs may be a personification – heruvims – that ‘sang’, were very shiny and flew around.

– hypothesis: the anunaki are reptiliens shapeshifter that appeared to our ancestors in ‘friendly’ aspects like a bird-human, lion-human, wolf-human, cat-human or simply as an old man, never as lizards, as all primates have a fundamental fear of them. The igigi could be could be anunaki in their original form but is more probably to be robots/organic helpers.

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