This is a diagram of a flying saucer, I poted it only for fun, if you really care, search the web, Stefan Marinov designed some more simple and logical engine, without permanent magnets. You can find this diagram here in this bookA Practical Guide to ‘Free-Energy’ Devices. this diagram is from Otis Carr`s project (who`s story is too foggy for my taste), Jerry Decker describe the principle on, I have no idea if this would work, although the theory is correct. I care only about the principle, I like my planet and don`t intent leaving.

This is hairy Hutchison playing with high frequencies (very high) and discovered that this changes the properties of the substances. See for yourself on  youtube.

Where did you saw this object:

This is as a reply to what the conspirationists are saying that the americans are serving the truth with a teaspoon to the population. This aparatus appears in all the cartoons involving ‘aliens’, ‘Jetsons’,’mad scientists’ and ‘laser beams’. No comment, just smile.

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