Overunity =‘impossible’

Overunity =impossible

motors that produce electricity more than consumes breaking the laws of physics

Alexander Sinetzki, Edwin Gray, Searl Effect Generator many more on the web that tells you how: pulsed DC excitation, dynamic tunning, magnet motor FREE POWER PERENDEV OCMPMM (WhipMag) starts with 3 rotating clocwise at the same time with two satelites and one anticlockwise and acclerates when removing the 2 clockwise, running only with the one anticlockwise.

FREE ENDLESS ENERGY: the full movie Hal Puthoff is a sckeptic that put up an entire facility to test any overunity thermical devices.

John BediniEnergy from the Vacuum” Documentary Series – a motor: battery+condensator+motor+consumer, working on Tesla’s “radiant energy”. “Negative energy is the energy that surrounding vacuum or surrounding space-time, is always desperatly trying to flow into your negative energy flow and increase it and what we call conductivity is the ability to prevent that from happening. “ You can charge a two batteries using only one to power the motor (this one uses mobile magnets and static coil, while Bearden and australian John Cristy used earth magnetic field and mobile coils in their home generators)

It`s like a deja-vu: so many type of alternative, clean energy sources.. I think I`ve read somewhere that a lot of those energies will be descovered and used at a time and the evolution (in the profan sense) will go much faster and further after the crossing. And it seems in the new age, from 2150 approximately, the US won`t held the supremacy anymore, maybe after a local general mutiny or after the possible flood. Please notice that Australia will be the less affected by flood, as it is at a higher altitude than the US (based on a +75m sea level)

Tom Bearden described the principle to capture the energy.. from it`s source (from God :), from the void. The basic concept is “Heat, Light and Magnetism are side effects of electron flow and DO NOT consume electricity.”Energy is normally defined as “Energy is the capacity to do work.” That’s totally false. Energy has the capacity to do work, because work is correctly defined as the dissipation (disordering; scattering) of energy (order). The scattering of energy is work. It is not energy! I.e., energy is not definable as its own scattering! Look at it this way: A man has the capacity to catch fish. That is true, but it is not a definition, since a definition must in some sense be an identity. You cannot say that a man is the capacity to catch fish! That may be a submitted definition, all right, but it is false. Similarly, energy has the capacity to do work; that is one of its attributes. But energy IS the ordering in fluxul virtual de fotoni (VPF- e prea complicat de tradus, mergeti si cititi daca vi s-a aprins un beculet) (we are referring from now on primarily only to EM). So, capacitive type collectors must be rigidized, if used in overunity circuitry. Even so, in a single integrated circuit, although one collects free energy, one will use half of what was collected to dissipate the source. Not all the remaining half will be discharged through the load; some will be discharged in other circuit and component losses. Hence, there will always be less work done in the load than is done in the source to kill it, by a conventional two wire single closed circuit. In my second referenced paper (Feb.94), I included precise proof that this is true. One must use energy collection and shuttling between two isolated circuits, and the load discharge current must not pass back through the primary source of potential. All measurement is work, not energy. Energy cannot be measured, even in theory, a priori. Energy is also a flow process, and never a finite amount in one location. A specific differential of energy flow may exist on a specific finite collector. However, it only represents a certain constant differential amount of energy flow compared to the universal vacuum energy flow or some other flow reference point. It is like a whirlpool in the river. Energy is like the flowing water, and an “amount” of energy is like the amount of water in the collecting whirlpool form (between its input flow and its output flow) at any time. Obviously, energy (ordering) forms can come and go; the water flow itself remains. Any “magnitude of energy” is always a “trapped” amount of energy in a “collector” (form).

OBS: the Bedini system is self amplifying, but does not burn if energy is not disipated – it takes from void only so much it is needed to rotate. It cannot be put directly on a vehicle as does not have speed control and moves continuously till stopped, but can produce energy to charge batteries that can power up a 280HP high speed engine like the one on AstonMartin or BMW electrical sport cars.

The whole story began with the discovery of Casimir effect, then with “Extraction of Electrical Energy From the Vacuum…” [Forward, R.L. Phys. Rev. B, volume 30, p. 1700, 1984] experiments with charged plates, that prouved the logic of void energy rather than violating the conservation of energy law. The alternative of estracting void energy was the generation of a cold, dense, non-neutral (charged) plasma in which charge condensation takes place (Such an approach would constitute a ‘Casimir-fusion’ process, which in its cycle of operation would mimic the nuclear-fusion process. It would begin, like its nuclear counterpart, with an initial energy input into a plasma to overcome a Coulomb barrier, followed by a condensation of charged particles drawn together by a strong, short-range attractive potential (in this case a Casimir rather than a nuclear potential), and with an accompanying energy release) based upon Casimir pinch effect.

– The Motionless Electromagnetic Generator is based on the same principle

– the Edwin V.Grey motor The Engine that Runs Itself This file was originally posted on the KeelyNet BBS on March 23, 1990 Gray`s pulsed motor was an active generator that had a microcontroler to direct the pulses in a certain order. The programmer directs which magnets are to be energized for what length of time and in what polarity. There are several attractions and repulsions taking place at the same time. It has 2550 RPM constant Torque 66 lbs. constant. Horsepower 100 HP, Brake Horsepower 32.05HP. Gray`s EPM has a variable sped by rheostat range: 500-1300-1950-2550-3350-4100RPM

Joe Holden made a turbine that does not need a lake J

– Dennis Weaver & Troy Reed have installed a “surge” powered engine they developed on a car – no more fuels, no more ointments, only the 12v battery for listening the radio and start the “surge”engine. Lou Britz and John Cristy (Australia) invented “zero point energy”, is the same “surge”. Aston Martin also buildt a race car: 60MPH in 4 sec named Tesla Roadster probably powered by a Cyclone motor (300HP) by Michael Hugent (Au). Mainlt, the surge gets it`s energy rotating permanent magnets in Earth magnetic field powering itself with 1/5 of the energy that it produces. It sound like UFO sound in movies.. cute coincidence, ain`t it?

– magnetic motor of Robert Adams which is 700% efficient

Leslie I Szabo buld a commercial 7,5kW EBM in Hungary in 1990. Since 2000, the 1500kg EBM 720 produces 15kW. Dr Erno Petz confirmed that an appreciable ammount of power is produced along with the electric energy. Thye licensed for production to a canadian company,

– some air motor that spins through air flow God knows how

– induction heater – easily melts any conductor, but gets ice red hot without melting it 600W, 150kHz – turns to red as quick as with the water autogen that uses Brown’s Gas, but unlikely that, it burns live tissue – it`s the magnetron principle from microwave owens..

Worlds’s Most Efficient Overunity Water Heater heating water in a sphere with a 9V battery that can be pulled out after the reaction sarts. It has a rezonator circuit.

– The Griggs hydrosonic pump heats water based on cavitation effect with a 180% randament (COP=18) and more, depending on calibration. As far as I know, speciffic keely frequency of water is 42,8KHz

Yusmar, Termovikhr and Noteka sell cavitation heating engines in russia.,Vizor Corporation in Moldavia

– another echological water heater when you have electricity, is using CAVITATION phenomena

SteamCell. Developed in Germany, the SteamCell (Micro Heat & Power) mCHP unit produces hot water and electrical power simultaneously. Packaging is neat, about the size of a PC computer tower unit. The SteamCell system can use numerous fuels: natural gas, LPG gas and oil. For other uses, petrol and hydrogen are also possible. Essentially, it is a highly efficient closed cycle steam engine producing heat turning an alternator. The estimated production price per kW is predicted to be up to ten times lower than fuel cell mCHP systems.

Iit is not a full off-the-grid system with two-way metering used to receive from and to supply the electricity grid – the electricity generating company buys surplus electricity from the householder.

Hydrosonic Pump Boiler Developed by Hydro Dynamics in Georgia, USA, and currently only in commercial use, this ingenious boiler uses an electric pump to create shock waves which in turn heat water. The resulting energy from shock waves is absorbed by water and subsequently heats the water turning to steam. A number of public buildings in Georgia have installed hydrosonic pumps and have reduced their heating and DHW bills by 30%. Compared to UK prices of natural gas hydrosonic boilers are more expensive to run, although cheaper than electrical element boilers.

The basis of operation is a rotating cylinder within a cylinder that harnesses the power of cavitation. This controlled cavitation generates shock waves, which convert mechanical energy into heat energy.

The Hydrosonic Pump power generator operates by taking water into the machine housing, where it is passed over a spinning cylinder. Holes in the cylinder, clearance between the cylinder and the housing and the cylinder rotational speed create a pressure differences within the water where tiny bubbles form and collapse. These collapsing bubbles generate shock waves that heat the water.

The process is scale free. The Hydrosonic Pump generator heats water in a totally different way and creates the heat in a totally different place – inside the liquid where it is needed. The Hydrosonic Pump has no heat transfer surfaces – the metal surfaces are actually cooler than the water. Scale will not migrate from a hotter liquid and build up on a cooler metal surface.

The Vizor Corporation in Moldavia sell a version of the Hydrosonic Pump the Yusmar, that operates on similar principles as the Hydro Dynamics unit with minor differences. Many thousands of small domestic and larger commercial units have been sold in Moldova and Russia. The efficiency is said to be less than the American machines.

– Hydrogen Hydrosonic Pump Boiler This technology generates plasma, a very hot gas, and heat from hydrogen, obtained from ordinary water, requiring no fuel in the process. If the technology becomes commercially proven, then the energy from this process could be used to cleanly and cheaply meet the world’s demand for electricity, motive, chemical, and mechanical energy, as well as thermal power.

There is a focus on heating and electrical applications. mCHP, including a direct converter to produce electricity. The system may be autonomous of the existing fuel infrastructure and very cost competitive with zero environmental impact. Electrical power generation with this plasma-to-electric power technology lends itself ideally to mCHP and microdistributed electrical power to replace the existing infrastructure. Residential/light commercial units, substation units, and a low voltage local distribution system could totally replace the current central power based system

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16 thoughts on “Overunity =‘impossible’

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  2. The laws of physics are in the end, are unreliable and inadequate.

    History shows that the laws of NATURE are always right and always reveal
    the truth.

    Over unity devices do not violate the laws of physics, they simply
    reveal their weaknesses, and therefore man made laws should not be taken too seriously.


    ——- Reply ——

    In my oppinion and considering my actual level, I think it would be more correct like this:
    “The laws of physics are in the end,” interpreted in a limited context.

    I think these laws are ‘universal’ as the mathematics are, and despite the beautiful idea of relativity (or even better: considering it) these laws I`d say, are pretty correct and universal. See the law of conservation of ‘energy’ in the wide context of unified field theory.

    a dacian

  3. AS an inventor of patented invention – HIGH POWER FLAT THREE PHASE
    ELECTRIC GENERATOR- EP 1673848 jan 2007 I do confirm the positivly
    the possibilities of producing more energy than what you put in , this in
    my firm convection is not as wrongly referred to as free energy but rather
    be called freed energy by better ways of applying the laws of physics we
    know, and acknowledging that there is always something new can be
    developed for as long as some people will dare to use there mental
    capabilities in a different not conventional way as the most do – open minded attitude will never harm , but the opposite does

    • As follow up on the above invention I would like for the record
      to mention that further development of this iinvention produced
      a model based on the patened idea
      with input 800W output +2400W without calcultion of the losses

  4. For the record, the Searl Effect Generator has NEVER been claimed to be by the inventor nor is it understood to be an “Overunity Device” but rather a “converter” of ambient energy within the environment as is evident by the device and air inverse drop in temperature.
    The SEG is just another example of free energy conversion by its own means as it is with other energy cycles, such as with the hydroelectric dam, solar cells, windmills, and even a sail on a boat take advantage nature’s abundant renewable free energy that is ever present so long as the sun plays a major role in our biosphere. Ofcourse, it is understandable why emerging technologies are often misunderstood, but at least let us be careful enough to note what it is claimed be; as an “open system” of energy conversion by those that know the subject best.

    re: searlsolution.com

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  6. Universal Resonance is the key to Free Energy. Many engines are at the above website.

    None are “over unity”. Input = output ……. of light. Always and without exception. All are temperature independent Too

  7. good info.

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  9. Great website, I’ve already signed up for your RSS feed, looking forward to your next update…

  10. i have to laugh everytime i read or hear someone use that over used statement “it goes against the laws of physics” whom made up those laws…it is “known laws of physics” there is no proof we know all and i think you know we dont. did man walk with dinasours or not? depends who you listen to. i would encourage you to keep a more open mind and realize that it is thru the imagination of these type of people that are allowing you to recieve this e mail.

  11. Please I would like to contact Dr. Erno Petz, I wonder if he has some design of an electro magnetic generator to be built at home if someone has send me the project with the utmost urgency

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  13. rather useful material, all in all I imagine this is worthy of a book mark, thanks a lot

  14. Hello how can we purchase 15kw free energy generatore to use it in defferent location br

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