Ascending – Ho’oponopono – forgiveness therapy


– Ho’oponopono – forgiveness therapy, the void. The three components of self: subconscient, conscient and superconscient.

Simply put, Ho’oponopono means, “to make right,” or “to rectify an error.” According to the ancient Hawaiians, error arises from thoughts that are tainted by painful memories from the past. Ho’oponopono offers a way to release the energy of these painful thoughts, or errors, which cause imbalance and disease.
Along with the updated Ho’oponopono process, Morrnah was guided to include the three parts of the self, which are the key to Self I-Dentity. These three parts — which exist in every molecule of reality — are called the Unihipili (child/subconscious), the Uhane (mother/conscious), and the Aumakua (father/superconscious). When this “inner family” is in alignment, a person is in rhythm with the Divinity. With this balance, life begins to flow. Thus, Ho’oponopono helps restore balance in the individual first, and then in all of creation.
– the best way to bring healing to every part of my life — and to the entire universe — is to take 100% responsibility and work on myself. This is corect, although seems a little bit naïve in the light of the ocult scams of the NOW.

– the Unified Field (the Creator, a such condensed power that is self conscient, and supposingly created the world to manifest in relation to Self) gave us all the power on matter (bobul de mazare) and expects us to ascend. This doesn`t fit at all with the fact Nibiru is changing regularly Earth`s poles and direction at each of its revolutions. Or maybe it has to do with the ‘sins of the ancestors’ whose projection onto the world, has such results as a instable solar sistem – in kuna ho’oponopono teachings.

– about how thinking bad thoughts makes our world worse – our thoughts project on others – we actually make them as we think they are. this may be a thing that the unified field did in order to do the Creation, in this case projecting love, but we, maybe suffering by the ObiWan sindrome (the lack of spiritual maturity), got now to project our bad thoughts on the others, as we reject them from ourselves. that`s the ho’oponopono says it has to be forgiven (I forgive myself in order to free my [bad] replaying memories), otherwise our bad thoughts will be projected on others, release into the world and intoxicate all. The guy says if we do not struggle to improuve ourselves continuously, if we do not control our thoughts, even with a simple pray, we will end by projecting them onto the world…

a lot of informations, a little bit sci-fi but said from the heart, here some about the new era, about ascending – some know how stuff, some kind of modern yoga, channels, kundalini, activation of DNA segment and other freaky stuff; I think the are bullshit, but looks a little bit like energetics.

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