Ancient civilisations & relics

– one of the 13 cristal skulls, perfectly crafted from a single piece of quartz, keep all the cristal electromagnetic properties.coming probably from Atlantis, were dispersed across maya theritory during the spanish conquer – to study – has sth holografic. I sugest it might be an optic hdd but.. I`m dreaming.

– I`m wondering why the panacas of incas had difformed skuls. I thought they would do that to mimic their ancestors. And maybe I`m not wrong, after all, there may have been more than one type of anunaki. But: if humans are genetically engeniered as the sumerian story say, the anunakis must NOT have been human. Something is wrong about our humanoid form. If this biped form is such a successful form, Consequently, the cristal skul, wich is so less probable to be made by humans in such a perfect form, the normal skulls have usually a couple of imperfections (it`s sayd to take a year with our present laser technology) must be an homage to the new creation, the rightful heir ofEarth, the son of Gods. Or may simply be a medium to transmit some informations, like a storing device.

– to study – there were 4 civilisations: liluri, mu, mieon, thrax

– the guardians of the knoledge were succedingly: almecs, mayas, aztecs and probably the last were the incas

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