Aliens hypothesis

This text takes in consideration only things that might have a connection with the change of ages

Aliens hypothesis

this cropcircles warn us: “do not trust the bearer of the present – much pain, but there is still time – there is still good out there”. I see this warning as a good thing, saying that all will pass, looks peaceful, but some people think it is a scam. (Nibiru and age changing, the reversing of Earth`s poles, the new calendar – although I though the mayan calendar was on 10.000 years, meaning 3-4 ages/zodi si nu zice nicaieri ca s-ar schimba calendarul ci doar ca se opreste; we will see, or not)

– the flood will be more than 50m(about 300-400m). will cover all Europe and 60% of Africa. That is why the New World Order wants population control. Because they know they will be too many. America will be 70% submerged.

– cropcircles: they are human, they answered back

– cropcircles: mayan calendar England2004

– the generic Jesus from Nibiru, the grays, implants, genetic manipulation and gold mining. That`s why the jews are gathering all the gold and diamonds, tu buy Earth from anunaki – see the federal rezerve fraud

– reptilian shapeshifters – not only Bush, but apparently a lot of normal ppl, like reporters. Could that be true? Of course. They were 900.

– UFO DIY: Ralph Ring tells how he flew with the craft made by Tesla`s disciple Otis T. Carr [ ya, ya..]

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